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WGSS Students

The Department of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies supports interdisciplinary research on topics pertaining to women, gender, and sexuality and administers an interdisciplinary program leading to a graduate certificate and a Ph.D. degree. Additional cross-referenced courses are available to complete requirements for the graduate certificate and doctoral degree. Students may pursue the graduate certificate in addition to a KU graduate degree or as a standalone program.

Degrees offered:

WGSS Students

A major and minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies provide students with a broad set of skills that allow for critical analysis of issues relating to women, gender, and sexuality. Students learn to employ interdisciplinary methods and modes of analysis to better identify, critique, and productively understand the status of women and how structures of inequality interact with gender and sexuality.

Human Sexuality majors and minors quickly move from a broad WGSS survey to a more intensive critical focus on the social, political, and medical constructions of human sexuality. Students draw from interdisciplinary methods, theories, and research to better understand how the social construction and lived experiences of sexuality relate to society, politics, medicine, and social movements.

Degrees offered:

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