Double Majors

Students who are completing two majors and pursuing honors in both may use one honors thesis for both majors if they get approval from both departments. The thesis must be related to both majors, and the thesis committee must include faculty members from both departments. 

Students must fulfill both departments' requirements for honors.

Course Requirements

Students must take 6 credit hours of honors thesis work (3 hours per semester for 2 semesters). They must earn an A or B in the first semester and an A the second.

Double majors pursuing honors in both departments are welcome to take these credits in the WGSS department or the department of their other major. They should work with their honors thesis advisor to choose what is most appropriate for their project.

Honors Committee

The honors thesis must be approved by a three-member committee. At least one of those committee members must be a WGSS core faculty member or affiliate of the WGSS Department, and at least one must be a faculty member of the student's other department.