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Aimee Wilson
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Aimee Wilson is a literary critic focused on gender and twentieth century transatlantic literature. Her first book, Conceived in Modernism: The Aesthetics and Politics of Birth Control (Bloomsbury 2016), analyzes connections between women writers and the early birth control movement in the United States and England. In it, she reveals ways in which literature re-inscribed women into debates about reproduction from which they were excluded. Her current research examines the relationship between masculinity and reproduction in modernist literature, with particular attention to the ramifications of this relationship for women writers.


Aimee Wilson has more than a decade of teaching experience, both at large, state flagship institutions like KU and small universities that focus on first-generation college students. She uses this experience to develop innovative courses that emphasize cultural, political, and global perspectives on literature. Her classes are actively inclusive of marginalized voices, be that due to class, race, gender, sexuality, or ability.

Selected Publications

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Selected Presentations

Wilson, A. A. (6/30/2018). Midwifery and Ezra Pound. Space Between Society: Literature and Culture, 1914-1945. Greeley, CO

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