Typical Timeline

Timelines will vary by student and must be approved by the thesis advisor. 

Fall of the Junior Year
  • Take WGSS 501 to develop research interests and an idea for your thesis. 
  • Enroll in other courses that let you develop expertise in this area. 
Spring of the Junior Year
  • Get to know faculty members who share similar research interests by enrolling in their courses or visiting them in office hours.
  • Identify a professor willing to supervise the thesis.
  • Inform the WGSS Honors Coordinator. 
Fall Semester of the Senior Year:
  • Enroll in 3 credit hours of WGSS 498 or in an Independent Study of another department.
  • Begin researching the thesis topic.
  • Form a three-person faculty committee: the thesis advisor and two other faculty members, at least one of whom must be either in WGSS or serve as WGSS affiliate faculty.
Spring Semester of the Senior Year:
  • In consultation with your thesis advisor, enroll in 3 credit hours of WGSS 499, WGSS 601, or in an Independent Study of another department.
  • Submit an Honors Intent Form by 1 March to College Advising and Student Services, 109 Strong.
  • Finish the thesis and submit the thesis to committee.
  • Have the committee vote to award Honors (or not), complete the Honors Certification Form, and inform the Honors Coordinator

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