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WGSS Graduate degree

The Department of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies supports interdisciplinary research on topics pertaining to women, gender, and sexuality and administers an interdisciplinary program leading to a graduate certificate and a Ph.D. degree. Additional cross-referenced courses are available to complete requirements for the graduate certificate and doctoral degree. Students may pursue the graduate certificate in addition to a KU graduate degree or as a standalone program.

Degrees offered:

WGSS Undergraduate degree

The Department of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies offers five undergraduate programs — two majors, two minors, and a certificate. All majors and minors complete an interdisciplinary introductory course, a research methods class, and a range of topically and theoretically related courses from across the College. Majors take additional courses and culminate their studies in an independent research project supervised in the senior capstone seminar.

Our new undergraduate certificate provides a focused investigation of issues in Gender, Law & Policy in a four course sequence designed to complement other major and minor programs in the liberal arts and professional schools.

Degrees offered:

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