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Whichever field that you choose for your main field of study, courses offered in the Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor can provide critical professional development. Having experience in women’s studies will give you the skills to help in a number of possible careers.

Courses taken for a Minor in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies can enhance strong critical thinking skills, provide opportunities to become more confident with oral presentations, refine effective writing skills, and develop strong research skills. Students develop abilities to gather information from library and internet resources. Many women’s and gender studies classes assign research projects to students that rely on interviews with subjects who tell their own stories about their experiences as women or men. And, students are given the opportunity to critically analyze this data.

Many women’s studies students often use their skills to benefit their local communities, and make a commitment to making the lives of women, men and children better, such as counseling victims of domestic violence, working on rape crisis hotlines, and other service projects.

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