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Marcy Quiason is a Ph.D. student in the Women, Gender and Sexuality program at the University of Kansas. Her research focuses on the relationship between public policy, gender, labor and sexuality. Marcy is researching human trafficking and strategies implemented to prevent it within the Philippines. In addition, she is analyzing the discourse surrounding human trafficking policy within the Philippines using a postcolonial feminist lens. In Spring 2017, Marcy Quiason accepted a Graduate Research Position for the Heartland Project GRA appointment, which is funded by the Institute for Policy & Social Research. Currently, Marcy is learning how to speak Filipino (Tagalog) in preparation for her fieldwork.

Marcy received her B.A. in Women’s Studies and Political Science at the University of Kansas. Her undergraduate work focused on the relationship between colonialism, militarization, tourism and the proliferation of sex work in the Philippines.

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