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To submit an alumna/us profile or news item, please contact: aksimons@ku.edu.

WGSS graduates and careers:

Zachary Bean: Human Sexuality B.G.S., Biochemistry B.S. (2016). Attending medical school and interviewing for residency positions in psychiatry with clinical interests in LGBTQ+ mental health and eating disorders.

Loren Bornstein: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and Sociology B.A. (2010). Former technology analyst for MarketMuse, currently interviewing for analyst and customer success positions.

Kristen Brouhard: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies B.A., minor in English (2007). Attorney practicing family law and public defender work in Oregon after receiving a J.D. from the University of Oregon (2011).

Melissa Cowley: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies B.A. (1998). Working in licensing of mental health and substance use disorder treatment providers for the state of Kansas.

Candice Crafton: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies B.A. (2014). Database management and software development at Unbound, an international nonprofit based in Kansas City.

Madeline Dickerson: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies B.A. and Journalism B.S.J (2016). Protection Order Project Coordinator at the Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence after receiving a J.D. from the University of Washburn (2019).

Danielle Dollinger: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and Psychology B.A. (2009). Private practice therapist and Professional Outreach Coordinator for The Refuge- a healing place.

Cathy Eaton: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies B.G.S. (2001), J.D. from KU law (2004). Prosecutor and Division Leader at the Douglas County District Attorney's Office.

Deva Freeman: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies B.A., minor in Sociology (2019). Administrative Assistant with the KU Human Resource Management Center. 

Tessa Gratton: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies B.A. (2003). Full-time writer, with eight novels and dozens of short stories published. Also the Associate Director of Madcap Retreats, a workshop for published and aspiring authors.  

Kori Green: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies B.A. (2000). History teacher at Wichita High School East.

Emma Halling: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and American Studies B.A., U.S. Public Policy minor (2015). Clerk for Justice Carol Beier on the Kansas Supreme Court after receiving a J.D. from the University of California Berkeley.

Elise Higgins: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and Political Science B.A. (2010). Former Public Affairs Director at Planned Parenthood Great Plains, current PhD student in Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies at KU.

Emily Jones: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies B.A. (2009). Program Manager at NYC Human Resources Administration in the Department of Social Services.

Shauna L. Leslie: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies B.A. (2013). Assistant District Attorney at the Sedgwick County DA's Office after receiving a J.D. from KU (2019). 

Elizabeth Lewis: Human Sexuality and Psychology B.A. (2016). J.D. Candidate at the New York University School of Law, planning to represent low-income immigrants after graduation.

Kat Lipka: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies B.A., minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies (2019). Program intern with Salzburg Global Seminar in Salzburg, Austria.

Jess Lovett: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and Human Sexuality B.A. (2017). Outreach Case Manager for the Metropolitan Improvement District in Seattle, WA. 

Haley Miller: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and English B.A., minor in Jewish Studies (2013). Fellowship Program Manager for Young People For in Washington, D.C.

Susannah Mitchell: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and Global & International Studies B.A. (2019). Grant writer for Hope House (a domestic violence shelter) in Kansas City.

Kira Edison Monet: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and Political Science B.G.S. (2014). Administrative Associate for the Department of Applied Behavioral Science at KU, and recently rewarded the KU Staff Employee of the Month.

Gabrielle Munoz: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies B.G.S., minor in Psychology (2016). Civil Court Advocate at The YWCA of Northeast Kansas Center for Safety and Empowerment in Topeka, KS.

Meredith Pavicic: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies B.A., minor in Public Policy (2012). Received an M.D. from the University of Kansas School of Medicine and is currently finishing a residency in OB/GYN. 

Emma Piazza: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies B.A., Music Composition B.M. (2019). Volunteer Supervisor at Habitat for Humanity, Kansas City.

Nikki Potter: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and History B.G.S., minor in Business (2009). Archivist/Librarian at the Kansas Geological Survey after receiving an M.S. in Information from the University of Michigan.

Skylar Pryor: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and Religious Studies B.G.S., minors in English and Psychology (2019). Social Work master's student at the University of Missouri, Kansas City.

Libby Sanders: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and Classical Antiquities B.A. (2017). Business Analyst with HCA Asset Management.

Logan Schlossberg: Human Sexuality B.A., Journalism B.S. (2016). Director of Client Relations and the Law Offices of Schlossberg & Umholtz after receiving an M.A. in Women's Studies and Gender Studies from Loyola University Chicago.

Jenna Sheldon-Sherman: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and Psychology B.A. (2006). Attorney for a federal judge after receiving a J.D. from Stanford University (2011). 

Laura Siess: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies B.G.S., Business B.S. (2003). Auditor and founder of an online business centered around home organization after receiving a Master's in Accounting (2005).

Crystal Wolf: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies B.A. (2015). Job Coach for adults with autism and other developmental disabilities in Kansas City, Missouri. 

Caitlin Thornbrugh: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and English B.A. (2010). Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor of English at Northeastern University after receiving an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from KU. 

Sara Troll: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and Sociology B.G.S. (2011). Senior Project Manager in Digital Advertising.

Kristin vanNamen: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies B.A. (1995). Personal editor and writing coach in Dallas after receiving Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Dallas (2010).​

Beth Watson: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies B.A. (2003). Vice President of Health Services at Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas.

Kat Werner: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and American Studies B.A. (2018). Prevention Specialist at the Sexual Trauma and Abuse Care Center in Lawrence, KS.


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