Pere DeRoy

Primary office:
318B Blake Hall


Through my PhD research, I seek to examine human trafficking discourses through the lenses of Mythology and Policy Review to analyze their appropriateness for securing, protecting and enabling livelihoods for trans and cis people of all genders. I have an interest in utilizing feminist theory and praxis to investigate human trafficking policies in relation to the lives peoples are managing to live in the Caribbean Region. My research interests intertwine ideas of poverty, development, capitalist labor processes, gendering of the labor market, gender injustice, immigration; racism, globalization, and anxieties around women’s sexuality to deduce alternative ways of understanding the beliefs and politics that underpin current anti-trafficking campaigns and its impact.

I have over eight years of work experience in development in Guyana, working with NGOs, International Organizations and State agencies, and 3 years of conducting human trafficking research in the global South, specifically Guyana in the Caribbean Region. My work and research interests include: program management, community consultation, and resource mobilization focused on education, mental and reproductive health, women’s and youth’s advocacy, and sexual orientation and sexual identities, and human rights discourses.

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