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This undergraduate certificate investigates how legal institutions address gender, race, class and sexuality. In it, students can expect to: 

  • Learn how gender and sexuality shape access to justice
  • Use scientific, historical, cross-cultural, and literary tools to analyze the law from a critical perspective
  • Build better policy solutions to real social problems

Requirements include an interdisciplinary introduction to WGSS, two WGSS electives related to law and policy, and the certificate capstone, Gender, Sexuality, and the Law. Popular elective courses address issues such as intimate partner violence, human trafficking, reproductive justice, LGBTQ rights, electoral politics, feminist jurisprudence, and sex education.

Internships, study abroad, and service learning are available to complement your certificate experience. Expertise in these issues will prove useful for legal professionals, as well as those in the fields of education, management, social services, public advocacy, politics, international development, and human rights.

Join us to work for a more just and equitable world!

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