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LGBTQ Prizes

For the two best LGBtQ-Related Undergraduate Papers/Projects

Two awards of $100 each to the two best LGBTQ-related papers or projects produced by an undergraduate KU student for a WGSS course during Summer 2018, Fall 2018, and Spring 19 semesters.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: There is no minimum or maximum length, nor is there a required type of submission. Traditional academic research papers and essays as well as projects such as films, blogs, photographic essays, art pieces, zines, and performances are eligible.

TO SUBMIT AN ENTRY: For written entries (research papers, essays, memoirs, etc), email a copy in .pdf or .doc format. For non-written entries (videos, displays, photographic essays, art pieces, etc), email photographs, video files, hyperlinks, descriptions, and other relevant evidence of the project. BE SURE TO INCLUDE (a) your entry and supporting documentation; (b) your full name, KUID, email address, and telephone number; and (c) the WGSS course number, name, instructor name, and semester for which the paper/project was produced. If the entry is not clearly LGBTQ-related, please also provide a brief statement of explanation. All entries should be submitted via email to LGBTQPaperPrize@gmail.com; entries are due via email no later than Friday, April 26th, 2019.  Please submit your entry to Milton Wendland at LGBTQPaperPrize@gmail.com.

Entrants Will Be Notified No Later Than May 3rd, 2019.

AND PRIZE RECIPIENTS WILL BE RECOGNIZED AT THE ANNUAL WGSS BANQUET ON THURS, MAY 9th, 2019. Dr. John Younger and Dr. Milton Wendland established the Younger-Wendland LGBTQ Prizes to recognize valuable undergraduate contributions to LGBTQ scholarship in the Department of Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies at the University of Kansas. Dr. Younger previously served as Department Chair of WGSS at KU and is currently Professor of Classics and Academic Director of CGIS Jewish Studies at KU. Dr. Wendland earned a Graduate Certificate in WGSS at KU and served as Visiting Assistant Professor of WGSS at KU (2011-2013). He is currently Faculty and Director of Internships in Women’s Gender Studies at the University of South Florida.

Questions? Contact Dr. Milton Wendland at lgbtqpaperprize@gmail.com

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