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LGBTQ Studies Prize


An annual prize of $250 will be awarded for the best LGBTQ-related paper or project produced by an undergraduate KU student for a WGSS course during Summer 2021, Fall 2021, and Spring 2022 semesters.


All KU students who were enrolled in a WGSS course in the prior academic year all eligible to apply for this award.

There is no minimum or maximum length, nor is there a required type of submission. Traditional academic research papers and essays as well as projects such as films, blogs, photographic essays, art pieces, zines, and performances are eligible.


To apply, send the following application materials to Amara Simons at wgss@ku.edu by Friday, April 30, 2022. 

  • Copy of paper or creative project: 
    • For written entries (research papers, essays, memoirs, etc): email a copy in .pdf or .docx format.
    • For non-written entries (videos, displays, photographic essays, art pieces, etc): email photographs, video files, hyperlinks, descriptions, and other relevant evidence of the project.
  • A cover sheet that includes:
    • Personal Info: name, KUID, email address, and telephone phone number
    • Course Info: the WGSS course number, course name, instructor name, and semester for which the paper/project was produced.
  • Explanation (optional)
    •  If the entry is not clearly LGBTQ-related, please also provide a brief statement of explanation. 

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