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There are other courses that may count towards the Social Science Core & Elective, Humanities Core & Elective and Theory options.

You are encouraged to call Undergraduate Services in 109 Strong, 864-3500, and request to meet with the WGSS Undergraduate Advising Specialist as early as possible.

Requirement 1

One general survey course on human sexuality (3 hours).

  • HSES 489—Health and Human Sexuality*
  • SW 303—Human Sexuality in Everyday Life
  • PSYC 502—Human Sexuality*


Requirement 2

WGSS 301: Research Methods in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies (3)


Requirement 3

Three core courses (9 hours): This category includes courses with a primary focus on sexuality. Students should take at least one Humanities course and at least one Social or Biological Science course.

  • Core Courses from a Humanities Perspective


    • AAAS 598/HIST 598—Sexuality and Gender in African History
    • CLSX 315—Women in Ancient Art and Society
    • EALC 575—Love, Sexuality and Gender in Japanese Lit
    • HIST 608—History of Sexuality
    • PHIL 504—Philosophy of Sex and Love
    • REL 374—Religious Perspectives on Selfhood & Sexuality
    • WGSS 327— Perspectives in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies
    • WGSS 333 — The Politics of Physical Appearance
    • Relevant special topics courses in the Humanities, including the following:
      • AMS 696—Gay American History
      • ENGL 590—Studies in: Queering English Lang Studies
      • FREN 440—Studies in French Culture: Gender Subversion (taught in French)
      • HWC 300—Studies in: Sex and Civilization
      • HWC 300—Studies in: Framing the Female Body
      • HWC 300—Studies in: The Forbidden: Gender, Sexuality, & Western Taboo
      • REL 602—Spec Topics in Relig: Sex & Gndr Rmn Cath Trad
      • WGSS 396—Studies in: Popular African Fiction: Sex, Thrills, & Romance


  • Core Courses from a Social Science or Biological Science Perspective 

    • AAAS 320/520—African Studies In: Religion, Power & Sexuality Arab Soc
    • ANTH 359—Anthropology of Sex 
    • ANTH 660—Human Reproduction: Culture, Power, and Politics 
    • POLS 640—Reproductive Policy 
    • PSYC 410—Intimate Relationships 
    • PSYC 555—Evolutionary Psychology
    • PSYC 690/WGSS 696—Conceptual Issues in Human Sexuality
    • WGSS 520—Women and Violence


    • Relevant special topics courses in the Social or Natural Sciences, including the following:
      • SOC 600—Sociological Perspectives: Sexuality


Requirement 4

One additional General or Core Courses (see above) or Secondary or Research/Service courses (below) (3 hours).

  • Secondary Courses (Courses with some sexuality-related content)
    • AAAS 554—Contemporary Health Issues in Africa 
    • ABSC 268—Introduction to Marriage and Family Relations
    • ABSC/PSYC 626—Psychology of Adolescence*
    • AMS 344/WGSS 396—African Amer Women: Colonial Era to the Present
    • ANTH 389/WGSS 389—Anthropology of Gender: Female, Male & Beyond
    • COMS 344—Relational Communication 
    • COMS 440—Gender and Communication
    • COMS 455/REL 475—Loving Relationships
    • COMS 552—Rhetoric of Women's Rights 
    • HIST 324/WGSS 324—History of Women and the Body 
    • PHIL 674—Philosophy of Law
    • POLS 600/WGSS 600—Contemporary Feminist Political Theory 
    • PSYC 465—Stereotypes & Prejudice Across Cultures
    • PSYC/WGSS 468—Psychology of Women
    • PSYC 642—Psychology of Families*
    • SOC 220—Sociology of Families*
    • SOC 617—Women and Health Care
    • SOC 628—Sociology of Family
    • WGSS 333—Politics of Physical Appearance


    • Relevant special Secondary topics courses, including the following: 
      • ENGL 203—Topics in: Lit of Love and Marriage
      • PSYC 690—Seminar: Advanced Marriage & Family Study


  • Research or Service Courses, by Petition (if relevant to sexuality)
    • Independent Study (e.g., PSYC 480, WGSS 498)
    • Service Learning (e.g., WGSS 650 Service Learning in Women's Studies)
    • Honors Thesis/Senior Essay/Honors Essay (e.g., WGSS 499 Honors in WGSS)

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