Katie Batza
Associate Professor
321 Blake Hall

History of sexuality, U.S. Social movements and activism, Health and medicine, Oral history, Policy and Citizenship


504E Blake Hall

Gender and politics, African politics, Gender-based violence, Human trafficking, and Qualitative methods

Sarah Deer
University Distinguished Professor
If you wish to speak to Dr. Deer on the phone, please send her an email to set up an appt.
322 Blake Hall

Native feminisms; tribal law; violence against Native women; law and society 


Alesha Doan
Professor and Associate Dean
306B Blake Hall

Reproductive policy; gender and organizations; public policy; feminist methods




Ayesha Hardison
Associate Professor
324 Blake Hall

20th- and 21st-century African American literature, gender and sexuality studies, cultural studies and theory, and 20th-century and contemporary visual media


305 Fraser Hall

Women and violence, Psychology of women, Conceptual issues in human sexuality and Clinical psychology


Nicholas L. Syrett
Professor, Chair, and Director of Graduate Studies
320 Blake Hall

History of women, gender, and sexuality in the 19th- and 20th-century United States; histories of childhood; sex and gender in the law; marriage


Associate Professor
306A Blake Hall

The intersection of gender, sexuality, and class. The body, affect, and subjectivity. Human trafficking in Japan. Critical theory. Affective ethnography, and Feminist epistemology.

Stacey Vanderhurst
Assistant Professor & Director of Undergraduate Studies
323 Blake Hall

International migration and human trafficking; critical police and security studies; gender and sexuality in Africa; ethnographic research methods


325 Blake Hall

History of sexuality, Women's history in 18th-century Spain, European women's history 1600's to present, Feminist theory, Gender and sexuality.


Professors Emeritae

African feminism, Women, Gender, Performance aesthetics, Literary studies, Culture, Migration, African literary criticism, Theatre history, Choreographer, Poet and storyteller

Ann Schofield
Professor Emerita

U.S. Social and cultural history, U.S. women, Biography and History of death

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