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Careers in WGSS

In our changing world, both the private and public sectors increasingly need people who can understand, affirm, and work with human diversity in productive ways. In addition to general skills in communication, analysis, and critical thinking, WGSS students develop specific expertise in areas of diversity, social change, and social justice.

Popular Career Paths

  • Social and Human Services: Involves seeking out and connecting clients with the information, materials, and resources they need to cope with and overcome challenges in their lives.
  • Human Resources: Deals with personnel management issues such as compensation, hiring, performance management, and training.
  • Law: Involves the interpretation and enforcement of the laws in our legal system to minimize, prevent, punish or remedy the actions of individuals which damage or threaten the environment, public health and safety.
  • Writing: Allows individuals to express themselves through communication and provide entertainment and/or provide necessary or informative information the public through a variety of resources such as books, magazines, newspapers, or websites.

Visit the KU Career Center for more information and resources about pursuing careers in WGSS. 

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