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WGSS degrees have led graduates to pursue various job opportunities: such as medical school, law school, social work, education, business, jobs in the non-profit sector, museums, self-owned businesses, and HR departments with corporations. Many WGSS graduates pair a WGSS degree with another degree like business, marketing, social welfare, English, etc. “A degree in Women’s Studies will provide you with a solid liberal arts and social science background. Today’s employers want to hire people who can deal with concepts and abstractions; who are imaginative, creative, and analytical; who can write persuasively and articulate a position clearly. These are just the kinds of skills that will develop working toward your degree in women’s studies. Your understanding of women’s and gender issues will help you whether you work in business, journalism, marketing, government, public service, or social services. Many women’s studies majors continue their studies in graduate work leading to careers in law, social work, medicine, teaching, or research.”

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